D//E Premiere: Violet Silhouette: Where We Are

It's not that hard to champion the newly emerged Violet Silhouette as one of the finest fresh treats in dark synthpop after experiencing the cutting through sound of their early offerings. Following on from their recent debut single, Any Way It Cracks, the Florida-based act unveil another coldwave-bent, industrial-tinged single, part of their impending EP, SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION.

The band comment on the new track: “This song is about feeling out a connection with someone and getting together on very deep physical and spiritual levels. You’d almost do anything for them because they might be the one that can pull you into the light.

Violet Silhouette tackle themes of existentialism which go hand in hand with the broodiness emitted by their sound and committed delivery.

SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION releases in its entirety on April 30th, 2021.

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