Bare Wire Son: Ends Below

From its first specimens, Off Black, the coming album from experimental musician Bare Wire Son, comes across utterly imposing both conceptually and musically. Funereal new track, Ends Below, amalgamates post rock, darkwave, slowcore and neo-classical sounds into something extremely weighty which although is based on a certain open concept, it feels all the way genuine, carrying the creator's unique artistic complexion.

London-born Olin Janusz, the creative force behind the Bare Wire Son moniker, bases his entire sophomore full length on journals written by mothers of soldiers who fought and died in World War I, some found in libraries, and others passed along to him personally by his family members, and those of his collaborators.

Instrumentally rich, bold and rather originative, Ends Below builds toward a high-reaching, piercing culminating point in a well measured and arresting manner, engaging the listener from the first moment to the last, and putting to advantage its subject matter's harrowing nature.

Photo courtesy of Bare Wire Son

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