Nadja: Seemannsgarn

Roadburn Redux produced considerably great material, part of which is a standalone performance video of new piece, Seemannsgarn, by experimental heavy rock veterans, Nadja. The footage was recorded at The Black Lodge in Berlin, and it's now available for the world to take in, presenting the band's groundbreaking, unconventional artistry in top form, as they are currently in preparations for the release of their anticipated album, Luminous Rot, incoming via Southern Lord on May 21st, 2021.

Nadja offer more insight on the performance: "Early in 2021, the Black Lodge and Salon Oblique invited us to participate in their series of filmed performances by Berlin artists. For this session, we chose to perform a new composition, Seemannsgarn, an extended, meditative piece we wrote about a liminal and tranquil green space/urban waterway in our quiet corner of Berlin, now in flux and with an uncertain future, threatened by gentrification and development.

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