Midwife: Christina’s World

Following on from her great previous album, Forever, experimental multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston aka Midwife announces new album, Luminol, and unveils a stunning new track and video, Christina's World, which was recently introduced at Roadburn Redux programming.

The lack of touring and the hit of the pandemic which caused reschedules and a lot of shake up in the world of music had Johnston focusing on recording and creating new material during these turbulent times. The result of this internalization is Luminol, named after the chemical used in forensic investigations to reveal trace amounts of blood at crime scenes; allegorizing the artist's regard for profound truth.

Christina's World is an earthy, moody and all around gripping piece, with an undeniably nostalgic character from which is impossible to shy away. The beautiful visual which comes with it was directed by Alana Wool.

Christina's World finds Midwife joined by Dan Barrett (Have A Nice Life) who provides additional vocals and keyboards, while additional guitars are by Johnston's frequent collaborator, Tucker Theorore.  Luminol will also include contributions from Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya), Zachary Cole Smith, Ben Newman, and Colin Caulfield (DIIV).

Luminol will be out on July 16th, 2021 via The Flenser.

Artist photo by Alana Wool


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