Lovelorn: Sickness Reward

Anna and Patrick Troxell come from the ranks of the psych alt rockers, Creepoid, and through their new project, Lovelorn, they have announced a new full length release which has been in the making for a while.

Drawing from synth punk, new wave and even techno, Lovelorn present their experimental take on synthpop and come up with an artform which they call 'drug pop', calling back to the psychedelic nature of their acclaimed previous band, but at the same time pushing forward and picking on unexplored territories.

New single, Sickness Reward, is a prime exemplification of that oddness, and suggests that this will also be the case for the rest of What’s Yr Damage which takes its name from a term of endearment used between the two artists, constituting the whole thing as an intimate and organic piece of art.

What’s Yr Damage will be out on August 6th, 2021 via 6131 Records.

Artist photo by Daniel Fried



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