GRÜN WASSER: 123 Windows

Chicago-based experimental pop duo GRÜN WASSER return with new single, 123 Windows, once again showcasing the huge range of influences and styles which they shrewdly implement into their own differing sound. Through their earlier material the band have presented a generally broad spectrum of sounds based on a very interesting dark synthpop underpinning, and they continue to do the same on their new offering.

Frontwoman Keely Dowd delivers an enchanting, almost unbending vocal whose cold approach juxtaposes the song's central accessibility, while producer Essej Pollock excels at putting together an intricate instrumentation which oddly gives off a pretty approachable effect.

The band follow their well received 2019 album, Not OK with Things, with a piece of equal synthpop finesse, and seem to be moving forward growingly and as firmly as before.


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