Suiix: The Great Nothing

With a psychedelic dreampop sound, an intriguing title and an existential concept which draws from singer/keyboardist Sarah Jullienne's lyrical exploration in search of the unknown, The Great Nothing is the latest single by Sydney band, Suiix.

"The Great Nothing is about drifting towards your own demise," Sarah comments on the new song. "It grew out of an endless pursuit to understand everything and explore the uncomfortable feelings I was having about the unknown and unknowable."

Suiix began as the creative vehicle of Sarah Jullienne and eventually evolved into a full band with evident love for seventies psychedelia and an emotive dreampop feel enveloped in their songwriting. With a series of consecutive singles having gathered some well deserved attention, the band keeps building toward the release of their first full length which is due for release in mid 2021.

The Great Nothing is one of the promising act's most realized pieces so far, instrumentally and melodically apt, and enhanced by the lyrical facet which is the song's biggest strength. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, La Fontaine's adaptation of an Aesop fable, and an idea which Sarah has coined as ‘The Truman show’ syndrome, the artist conveys the desire to examine "the idea that life can appear to be this smooth sailing and deceptively benign ride to the end… but until we challenge our surroundings, explore the uncomfortable feelings, and embrace the great void of uncertainty, how do we know what and whose version of reality we are really living?"

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