TDA: Présence

Samuel Gougoux comes from the ranks of Montreal-based no wave/dance punk band, VICTIME, and through his solo endeavor, TDA (previously known as Trafic des airs) he'll be releasing his debut LP, Ascète, which arrives on April 23rd, 2021 via Michel Records, following the act's self-titled EP from 2019.

Présence is the first example off the coming album, a monotonous dark industrial cut based on agitated instrumentals and a distant vocal delivery, with the intensified percussion playing the key part to the track's distressing properties, and the framing of its uncustomary post punk/no wave slant. Lyrically the track is themed on the intrinsic drive of the human psyche, and the notion of teleological ethics.

"Présence is the portrait of a well-presented table," TDA states. "This piece is a reminder of the effort that evaporates into pleasure. Was it worth it? It's a chalkboard to remind us that hunger is always lurking."

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