Glaare: For Sale

Nothing but class, good production and a pretty perceptive take on synthpop, post punk and darkwave has emerged so far off Your Hellbound Heart, the coming album by Glaare, through the few impressive singles the band has unveiled.

For Sale is one of the album's most lively pieces for which the band cites influence from Killing Joke, Siouxsie, Martin Gore and the iconic film, The Hunger, given through a futuristic view. Strongly redolent of eighties new wave, the song strikes rather gloomy and enticing, evoking sentiments of self-confidence while at the same time it downright intimidates. Rachael Pierce delivers a thrilling vocal which is undoubtedly up to par with the production's broad razor-sharpness, and Glaare once more keep pushing toward excellence.

It pairs well with sultry vampires in dimly lit, smoke-filled clubs dancing away in cages, but it's also a very fine headphones listen.


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