Black Coast: Vodka Smile

Nu metal has been declared dead numerous times in the past, not necessarily without reason, but ever so often something exceptional pops up to challenge that notion and possibly reinstate the style's credibility in the present time. Such is the case of the Stoke-On-Trent metalcore band, Black Coast, who will be releasing their debut album later in 2021 via Nuclear Blast's Blood Blast distribution.

Vodka Smile is the latest single unveiled off the coming album, a dynamic cut with a solid hardcore foundation, an excellent production, and denotative of the band's strength.

"Originally Vodka Smile was written lyrically as a party song, that feeling of being so mangled and messed up that you have no idea what's going on," says vocalist Charlie Hewitt. "l always wanted to write a song like this - when l was in that frame of mind. It still scares me that l was so far gone and not accepting life itself for so long, l love the song don’t get me wrong but it takes me back to that lost, scary feeling when we play it."

Black Coast have been around since 2017, and so far they have released three EPs. Their coming full length is expected to earn them a place among contemporary hardcore's most promising rising acts, while their live acts has also been of great repute. 

Black Coast are Charlie Hewitt (vocals), Scott Pinnington (guitar), Joe Mayer (guitar), Jack Beardsall (bass) and Matthew Clarke (drums).


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