Bloodslide: Trap Door

A supergroup in essence and quality, Bloodslide reveal the second example of what the unison between Mike Wallace (Preoccupations), Greg Ahee (Protomartyr) and singer/bassist AJ Lambert. The band will be releasing their debut EP in July, and Trap Door is the latest single and video off it.

The group has an accompanying statement coming paired to the new piece:

"‘Wasting away, wasting away. Take it, save it, waste it.’

"Pica has shown us a world of hybrids and confused values. One where the digital and the organic fuse and overtake one another, creating monstrous, beautiful angels. Trap Door’ pulls us back to the place where these bleedovers began: the organic world. The world of humans and their pollutions. We visit a world which is similar to our own, one which is beginning to become overgrown with decay. Decay and waste from the hubris of humankind. Now living in an organic world which has become more smoke than flora. This world is one which is overcome with smog and sickness, and we watch it waste away in front of our eyes, we cannot bear to witness it, and retreat within the digital screens which spread across the world. Screens which grow and multiply, not so dissimilar from the sickness we flee from.

"By the end of Trap Door, we - humans - have retreated from the world which we wrote off as broken and destroyed.  But the world moves on, healing and returning to what it once was.  A place filled with life - and death.  We watch on from our new digital home, unable to touch the plants and life which we thought were so long gone.  Relegated to a digital ghost of humankind, which flits and flickers through a world which it so dearly misses."

Apart from the interesting concept, Trap Door comes fittingly absorbing for its perfect production, and its post punk/guitar-weighted alt rock at which Bloodslide flourish, bringing into play impressions from all of the band members' musical genes.

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