Vision Video: Comfort in the Grave

With the release of their anticipated debut full length, Inked in Red, closing in, Athens, Georgia gothic post punk act, Vision Video, release a great new single and video, this time expanding on their horror aesthetics, and citing influence from the brilliant work of horror masters, Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento.

The new song, Comfort in the Grave, is based on a bizarre real life story according to which the band's own, Emily Fredock, once met a very strange guy at a bar whom she and her friends ended up consensually and temporarily burying in her backyard.

"Once I started writing about it," she explains, "it kind of evolved into this concept of me putting the relationship I had just gotten out of, to rest. Losing someone so close to me in that way felt kind of like a death and finding closure through the realization it was what was best for me was the only way to make it feel less tragic."

The imaginative new video comes with a similar corpse-burying narrative, as the band's sound leans very close to eighties deathrock and post punk gloom.

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