D//E Premiere: Glaare: Divine Excess

Divine Excess is the newest single off Your Hellbound Heart, the anticipated album by LA dark synthpop act, Glaare, which arrives in its entirety on April 30th, 2021 through Weyrd Son Records.

After first examples, Mirrors, and Young Hell, Glaare once more utilize their dark synthpop sound to the fullest, bringing in considerable, sharp elements from their members' post punk background, and flaunting a fantastic production which further dignifies the ardency in their presentation.

"The narrative is essentially is a conversation with your shadow where you’re ridiculing your actions and mutilating yourself by failing to understand the nature of your ego," the band comment on the new track. "Having a rigid core of beliefs that you take as doctrine and what happens when you break them. The judgment and lack of ability to reconcile with yourself. Guest vocals from a borrowed Ross Farrar (Ceremony / Spice / Crisis Man) in our living room on a brutally hot summer day in the pandemic."

Your Hellbound Heart is the second full length by Glaare, and everything about it thus far indicates that the band's momentum is very strong.

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