Sculpture Club: Chains & Faith

Having common members with Choir Boy, Salt Lake City post punk act, Sculpture Club, have been proven to be a great band in their own merit, and for new video which comes with their latest single and album opener, Chains & Faith, they draw influence from sources which demonstrate their cultivation.

Inspired by the Jørgen Leth film, 66 Scenes from America, and the famous Andy Warhol burger scene, as well as Bruno Munari's Useless Machines, the new video was directed by Sculpture Club's own, Chaz Costello.

"I think right now people are desperate for connection and we have turned to content to provide us that," says Costello. "We are willing to watch anyone do anything. Myself included. I feel like that need for connection is parallel to the song itself. I think people form such a strong affection with bands and musicians because you only really see us in our element or in a very curated versions of ourselves. So I thought it would be interesting to just make something simple and show us in more of a real life setting while at the same time showcasing the song more. Sometimes there is nothing better than sharing a meal with friends. Even if its digital."

A moody opening cut to the forthcoming full length, Worth, the new single summarizes the band's absorbing fusion of gothic-bent new wave and post punk.

Chaz Costello describes: "This song is struggling and dealing with the idea of self / identity and the connections you have to yourself. It stems from my Imposter syndrome and my constant struggle with my own self worth. Also how depression can wear you and your self image down to the point that you can’t recognize who you are. The verses are my inner monologue and the chorus is the culmination and release of the frustration. Only wanting something simple connection with yourself like knowing your true name. More poetically put, the song deals with the chains of depression as identity as well as the void of identity that mental illness can bring on.

Worth comes out on May 14th, 2021 through Funeral Party Records.

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