Unwed Sailor: Ajo

The prolific Johnathon Ford and his post rock vehicle, Unwed Sailor, deliver engaging new material at a very steady pace during these last few years, and are currently preparing for another full length release. Truth or Consequences comes out on May 14th, 2021 through Spartan Records, and the first single, Blitz, is followed by a new single and video, the rhythmic new track, Ajo.

"Ajo started as one, almost absurd, rhythmic bass line idea," Ford comments, "but as we started tracking the song and stacking more bass lines on top of the foundational bass line idea, the added bass melodies and rhythms began to create a bass symphony while the drums created an angular post punk / funk rhythm underneath to drive the song along. Adding the sad melancholic / nursery rhyme guitar and the floating otherworldly whale sound keyboards allowed the song to fall gently into a familiar Unwed Sailor sound."

The black and white accompanying clip brings to mind the great era for music videos that was MTV's programming, and shows like 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation on which many of Unwed Sailor's sources of inspiration for the coming album had frequent airplay.

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