Bare Wire Son: Кампус

Bare Wire Son is the creative project of Olin Janusz, a dark act with an experimental feel whose sound incorporates elements from drone, post rock, shoegaze, slowcore, ambient and film music, while a neo-classical feel seems to be persistently present, yet, as subtle as the dark Americana components. All of these constituents and more generate a convoluted kind of embracive, in-depth creativity which may not match up to the popularity of Swans nor Coil nor Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but it certainly makes the grade on all artistic levels.

After the project's debut, Gently, from 2016, and the more offbeat follow up, Inner Jaw, Bare Wire Son returns with the new full length, Off Black, the entirety of which arrives on May 14th, 2021 through Rock Hand Records.

Кампус is the only non-English song on the album, a collaboration with Nikita Moiseenko of the Russian slowcore band Голландский Штурвал, and it's a stunning, vivid cut which foreshadows how picturesque and cinematic the coming album is expected to be.

Off Black comes with a very interesting concept on which Janusz started working back in 2015 while living in Poland, and had the chance to examine journals kept by the mothers of soldiers who fought and lost their lives in World War I. On these documents of historic importance Janusz based everything which eventually shaped Off Black, and the result is dark, poetic and sorrowful to its core.

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