The Tremolo Beer Gut: Hey Hello

The upcoming full length seminal instrumental garage/surf rockers, The Tremolo Beer Gut, keeps making an impression with each new single, both for the nameable guest appearances, and for the band's consistency in coming up with captivating, timeless garage rock sounds.

New single, Hey Hello, features electric blues' most powerful power couple, Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash) and Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog), who have been friends with the band for many years. Notably, TBG members, Yebo and The Great Nalna, have contributed to Spencer’s rockabilly/punk band, Heavy Trash.

The song is a sharp garage rock piece with evident surf rock overtones, all sultry and tuneful, as Martinez and Spencer's interchange becomes the center of attention over a western backdrop.

You Can’t Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut arrives April 16th, 2021 through Crunchy Frog worldwide, except for the US where it releases through MuSick Recordings (Los Angeles) and No-Count Records (Seattle).

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