Sprints: Swimming

With each of the early singles which came off their anticipated EP, Manifesto, Irish punk rockers, Sprints, tackled a serious issue which had to to with contemporary society's disputes. Drones was themed on imposter syndrome and the EP's title track had to do with homophobia, so it was almost natural that the band's newest single, their last ahead of the release of their debut EP's entirety, would address an analogous subject.

"Swimming scorns on the increasing lack of opportunity after following prescribed paths to become society’s idea of a 'success'," singer Karla Chubb explains. "While the homeless crisis worsens, the city is sinking in debt and everyone can barely keep their heads above water, you see an article stating that a new €25 million white water rafting centre is being developed after approval by Dublin City Council. Sometimes you'd just rather drown."

Sprints' anxious and rather dim post punk sound is exhibited through an experimental noise rock viewpoint, as the band continue expanding and augmenting their continuously hard hitting songwriting.

Manifesto was produced by Daniel Fox of Girl Band, and it's coming out on March 26th, 2021 through Nice Swan Records.


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