The Armed: An Iteration

One of the most ambitious albums of 2021 seems to be pushing the envelope further and further as it is being unveiled by installments. The new video for the new single by The Armed, An Iteration, is the final piece to arrive ahead of the release of the entirety of Ultrapop on April 16th, 2021 via Sargent House.

On the exciting and really impactive new visual the band’s own Dan Greene comes to terms with the fact that The Armed may only exist in his head, as the scenes play out like a feverish dream. The clip features a voice-over and cameo from David Hayter, the celebrated voice actor who plays the part of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Dan Greene comments: "The story of Metal Gear Solid 2--which seemed like convoluted, impenetrable nonsense when we were kids--has turned out to be disturbingly prescient of society in 2021. I would argue that this video game raised more interesting artistic and philosophical questions than a lot of 'higher art,' and much earlier too. We are beyond honored to see David Hayter take on the role of Dan Greene within The Armed Cinematic Universe."

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