Rebreather: Pets

It was easy becoming drawn into the damning stoner rock of Ohio band, Rebreather, back in 2003, as long as the opening lines of their album, Half Speed Ahead, hit rather hard. Two decades later the band is still going, and they have just released the new EP, Pets/Orange Crush, as part of Aqualamb Records' COVID Cover Series.

The new release is composed of two covers of alt rock classics, Pets by Porno For Pyros, and R.E.M.'s Orange Crush.

 "When presented with the opportunity to record a few covers, we were excited for the challenge because we are typically a band that only plays songs that we have written ourselves," says the band's guitarist and vocalist, Barley Rantilla. "Ideas were flying, but we quickly narrowed it down to two songs. Being a casual R.E.M. fan, Orange Crush is a song that randomly would get stuck in my head and I’ve always wanted an excuse to try and sing it. Steve Wish [bassist/vocalist Steve Wishnewski] came up with Pets because the lyrical content seemed very fitting for the times.  The lyrics also provided good content for the video. We decided to apply each line of the song to people’s addiction to self phones (selfies in particular). And then, for fun, pushing it a little further, showing off how the martians or dinosaurs could also become addicted to that type of vanity. To keep it safe for everyone involved, each actor or band member was filmed solo, aside the “elders” (my parents) who have been strictly quarantined with only each other for this entire year. It was a lot of fun for us to put together and I hope some people find it entertaining."

Pets arrives with a great, fun clip through which the band parallelize the song "to peoples addiction to 'self phones'".

Rebreather dwell on the quite heavier side of noise rock, and consist of Barley Rantilla, Steven Gardner and Steve Wishnewski.

Band photo by Mollie Crowe

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