Tearjerker: Deep End

Toronto band, Tearjerker, release a third single which is also the title track to their upcoming EP, Deep End, this time coming alongside a down to earth video of VHS aesthetics, directed and edited by Gökçe Erdem.

More or less presenting the essence of Tearjerker's nostalgic dreampop sound and indie cinematic feel, Deep End began as a drunkenly improvised riff at a housewarming party in 2019, a momentary occasion which was later discovered through a friend’s Instagram story where it was documented, and became the footing for the song's development.

"The vernacular of family footage is rooted in comfort," director Gökçe Erdem comments. "I was immediately drawn to this particular family's road trip, I liked that they documented their multiple stops and visits along the way. Similar to my earlier collaboration with Tearjerker, I tried to create a loose narrative following the themes and the emotions that the track stirred for me. While I don't want to influence the viewer's experience, for me, the video is about reminiscing about a person from one’s past, going through shared memories and reflecting on one’s journey."

Deep End comes out on March 19th, 2021.

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