Grundeis: Vain

After the vehemence of their impressive debut track, Bleach, from late 2020, Hamburg-based band, Grundeis, return with another strong single, and an artful video, this time taking a a more shoegaze, guitar-driven path to their dark post punk.

The band describe the new song, Vain, being "about someone being overwhelmed by painful memories and who is somehow trapped in them. The protagonist is unable to overcome her*his feelings towards lovers lost and struggles to fall in love again. She*he meets her*his loved one again reliving her*his feelings while entering a state of despair."

Melancholy and gloom galore, Vain is the second piece in a row through which Grundeis exhibit their clear vision for a penetrating post punk sound, while the expectations for their impending debut album, Amygdala, are considerably raised.


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