Ian Deaton: Palindrome

Palindrome is the second single from Moon Howler, the coming tape by underground musician, Ian Deaton, following last month's An Immoral Brain which introduced the nearing release. 

Founded on a hi-hat/kick pattern on the Alesis SR-16, a drum machine which has been used famously by Godflesh and Vangelis, and elevated through a hooky melody programmed on the budget Korg Volca FM synthesizer, the new track is a straightforward synthpop love song which goes through eighties soul pop passages, mingled with the quirky tension of synthpunk, resembling something that seems to be fundamentally deriving from the past but has a much intense futuristic feel.

"Palindrome is an unabashed love song about experiencing a time dilation while meeting someone for the first time," the artist describes the new piece, while he wears his influences proudly on his sleeves, no matter how easily determinable or how profoundly obscure those can be.

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