Pulsations: Of Vultures And Sickles

Pulsations is a darkwave/post punk act from Denmark, led by musician and producer Hadrian Esteves whose dark musicianship shows a lot of affinity for the genre, its tropes and its past. The new single, Of Vultures And Sickles, follows the head turner that was the act's double A-side debut, released through Crunch Pod in August 2020.

Densely structured and all the way memorable, the new single comes with a radical punk rock spirit as to its lyrics, its cover art and general philosophy, all resulting to a fine juxtaposition to the track's polished production and its tuneful approachability, while the warm and well articulated vocal delivery by Esteves is another of the track's most distinguishing features.

The Copenhagen-based act has emerged in a downright impressive manner, and it seems to be continuing well grounded and on a very right track.


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