Kråkslott: The Witchhammer

Swedish heavy rockers, Kråkslott, take their psychedelic metal heaviness to the next level, and achieve a more refined and realized sound compared to their earlier offerings. The band's new 20-minute/two-song EP, The Witchhammer, sees the ambitious band following the genre's essentials, and has them looking really able for their future.

The two lengthy tracks which compose The Witchhammer abound with excellent riff-laden doom metal and gritty sludge akin to stoner rock classics, and coming forth like a dynamic compound of Electric Wizard and High On Fire.

Still early in their path, with their new release Kråkslott prove that they are not late in the stoner metal game, and that some of the descendants of Black Sabbath can still be capable of coming up with reinvigorating sounds and ideas which can keep the style thriving.

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