A Cloud Of Ravens: When it Comes

Fresh signees to the gothic rock and darkwave powerhouse that is Cleopatra Records, Brooklyn's A Cloud of Ravens have been making their presence felt since their formation in 2018 through a few early releases, including a full length. The band composed of Beth (bass guitar) and Matthew (guitar, vocals) will be releasing their new album, Another Kind of Midnight, on March 16th, 2021.

Obviously well placed within the gothic realm both creatively and aesthetically, A Cloud of Ravens impress not only for the dark poetry which forms and develops in the band's lyrics, and expands in their alluring titles, but the duo also rivet through their gritty and immediate sonic scheme which feels pitch dark and hard as nails.

New single, When It Comes, represents immaculately the darkness of a band which declares itself "children of the seventies and eighties," but whose qualities feel more enduring than stubbornly stuck to the past.

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