Negative Nancies: Monkey Chest

Dunedin, New Zealand art punk trio, Negative Nancies, will be releasing their first album, HEATWAVE, on April 2nd, 2021 through Fishrider Records and Occultation, and single Monkey Chest acquaints with the band's eccentricity and their unequivocally unconventional artistry.

Monkey Chest is a repetitive synthpunk punch, coming in with its noisiness as its banner, and a direct approach to its instrumentals. The track makes the most out of the band's experimental creative methods, leading to an ultimately earworming result, with its graspable melody juxtaposing the extreme grit, as well as the edginess in the lyrics. It's a polar opposite to the expansive psychedelia of the record's title track and album closer which has also been unveiled, and a corroboration about how versatile and unpredictable this band can be.

Negative Nancies are Tess Mackay (Casio keyboard, vocals), Emilie Smith (drums, vocals), Mick Elborado (guitar, vocals).

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