Kill Shelter & Antipole: Burn Bright

Kill Shelter from the UK and Antipole from Norway reveal another example off their collaborative album, A Haunted Place, which will arrive on March 26th, 2021 through Manic Depression Records. New song and video, Burn Bright, is another piece off the two acts' merger that doesn't disappoint, instead it finds them combining their strengths in a flawless and coherent manner, and exploiting the darkness for which both projects have been known.

"Lyrically, Burn Bright is full of layers for something so deceptively simple," says Kill Shelter's Pete Burns. "It deals with themes of addiction in all its forms but it also has a strong element of salvation. Like all the tracks on A Haunted Place, the lyrics come from a very personal place and hopefully it’s something that some people can identify with along the way."

Karl Morten Dahl from Antipole adds: "Burn Bright is another one of our more upfront songs taken from the album. It has a dark energy but there are also elements of melancholic fragility caught within the music itself. I think you can really hear the interplay between our guitar styles - there is a natural tension as they interweave throughout the track which I really like."


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