Doused: Ease

Fresh Philadelphia shoegaze band, Doused, will be releasing their debut album, Murmur, on out April 16th, 2021 through Flesh & Bone Records. The band has just revealed a very energetic piece of beautiful distortion, tuneful double vocals, grungy fuzz and changes of gears, all of which rounds off to something enchanting, resembling shoegaze's prime, MBV and and so forth.

Two singles in, the band has already made a great first impression, pitching themselves with the tagline 'wannabe shoegazers', still, the 'wannabe' part can just as well be omitted. This is topnotch shoegaze, and the full length's release couldn't be more anticipated.

Doused are Vince Duong, Emma Hansson, and Mike Wolfe.

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