Milly: Birds Fly Free

Los Angeles band, Milly, are currently one of the best and most accurate cases of nineties guitar-laden indie rock re-embodiment, and with each new offering they verify their infatuation with shoegaze sounds and aesthetics, regarding both the musical and the visuals fronts.

Birds Fly Free is the newest single and video off the band's upcoming Wish Goes On EP, out April 9th, 2021 via Dangerbird Records.

"Birds Fly Free is a full send off on those that I've wronged and those that have wronged me," songwriter and frontman, Brendan Dyer, comments. "Writing this song served as an act of forgiveness in a time where I was really unhappy with the people I considered closest to me in my life. It feels like saying goodbye. It also thematically sits closely to the other songs on Wish Goes On in embodying this overarching sense of finding freedom. When I recorded the first demo back in 2018, I was looking out the window of my house while laying down the first guitar track and realized I was being watched by a family of Deer. Deer to me symbolize mindfulness, patience and love.. all things I felt like I was trying to convey in this song. Birds fly free to wherever they want. It doesn't matter where they choose to go, it's just all continual and everlasting."

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