Daddy Longhead: Plano

Daddy Longhead has its roots back in the early nineties; a project led by JD Pinkus (Butthole Surfers, Honky, Melvins) which explored a heavier southern rock and stoner rock sound. The band released its first record, Cheatos on Touch and Go in 1991, self-released Supermasonic in 1997, and then came Classic on the legendary Man's Ruin in 1998. After all these years Daddy Longhead return with new album, Twinkle, arriving on May 25th, 2021.

Minus Rey Washam (Scratch Acid, Ministry, Tad), the band's current lineup consists of Pinkus alongside guitarist Jimbo Yongue (Max Brody, Suffer Robot), and latest addition, drummer Frank Gary Martin (Truth Decay, Walking Timebombs, We are the Asteroid).

Opening cut, Plano, unveils Daddy Longhead in great form, with its desert rock flair intact, and its metallic edge still sharp, discharging massive vibes of heaviness and warmth.

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