Perturbator: Death of the Soul

It seems like with each new creative endeavor Perturbator steps further away from anything relatively conventional, far from the synthwave tropes. The artists aka James Kent has announced his anticipated next full length, Lustful Sacraments, expected on May 28th, 2021 through Blood Music.

Death of the Soul is the first single off the coming album, of which Kent says: "The track takes inspiration from old school EBM a la DAF or Front 242, Valnoir (Metastazis) has managed to perfectly pair visuals that reflect the nihilistic tone of it." Following the visuals of the dystopian-themed pinball machine can be quite a thrill.

"It’s an album about bad habits, dissatisfaction and addiction," Kent says about the entirety of Lustful Sacraments. "An overall look at how we, as a species, lean towards self-destruction."

Cover artwork by Mathias Leonard
Artist photo by David Fitt

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