Acid Dad: RC Driver

RC Driver is the first single from Take It From The Dead, the coming album by psychedelic rockers, Acid Dad, expected out Summer 2021 through Brooklyn’s Greenway Records and LEVITATION’s label, The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

The new track is a gripping piece, expressive of the band's all-embracing, genre amalgamating indie rock, with its fuzzy, psychedelic properties palpable and written all over the song's four and a half-minute richness, as well as the accompanying video's oversaturated colorfulness.

"RC Driver is about how I wish I raced cars for a living," says the band's own, Vaughn Hunt. "All I wanna do is go fast and do stunts. I grew up near a lake, so jet skis are the next closest thing. Ain’t nothing like rippin’ a supercharged Sea-Doo going 90mph on pure glass, baby. Webb Hunt, our visual artist, and I got inspired and started digging for 80’s and 90’s jet-ski commercials. We distorted and chopped them up into a VHS color trip using a combination of digital and analog feedback."


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