Arteries: Play Nice

Evoking memories of Ingmar Bergman, experimental cinema and classic horror, the stunning new video for Play Nice, the new single by Sydney-based hardcore punks, Arteries, is not to be missed.

Directed by Lucie Cleuet, the three-minute clip mingles the worlds of indie films and heavy music in a brilliant and cunning manner, and its impressive cinematography becomes an odd, yet, counterpart to the music's forcefulness.

Play Nice draws influence from a real life story, about which the band has more details to share: "Play Nice is inspired by the new age North Victorian Australian religious cult in the 1970s known as 'the family' who was lead by a woman who claimed she is Jesus reborn named Ann Hamilton-Byrne. Byrne stole children from other cult members and were raised under the impression they were her own. The children were constantly abused and drugged by LSD and are still alive to this day. Eventually one of the children escaped alerting police to what was going on. The song is written from the child's perspective."

Five months after their previous single, Fatty Boy, Arteries highlight their great creative form with another punchy new piece.


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