GRISHKA: Castigation

New band, GRISHKA, utilize their influences from a big array of extreme sounds including thrash metal, DC hardcore, nineties death metal, and the second wave Norwegian black metal, and come up with a very coarse and dark sound which overflows with perceptive gloom.

The four-piece group was formed during Summer 2020, in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic, and they have just unveiled their first offering, the six-track release, I, a demonstration of their extreme genre amalgamation, and the inherent anger which the band's art emits.

The blackened thrash metal of Castigation is the EP's central article; a loud and dark cut, all around unyielding and unruly under its thick layer of darkness.

Lyrically, GRISHKA aim "to expose the dark underbelly of human nature and abuse of institutions in power," and their ferocious and edgy approach to metal goes very well with that intent.

GRISHKA are Danny Gorsky (vocals), Will Healy (guitar), Larry Gourdine (bass) and Stephan Mezo (drums).

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