Vision Video: Static Drone

With a couple of notable early singles including a nice rendition of the post punk standard, Agent Orange, Athens, Georgia-based fresh band, Vision Video, have had the darkwave world hoping for a full length.

Inked in Red, the band's debut album, arrives on April 16th, 2021, and it will feature those initial examples of their goth pop finesse, together with their latest single, Static Drone which was just unveiled alongside a darkly stylish video directed by Alec Stanley.

Combining the horror-bent focus of the band's name and aesthetics with an existential worry and level-headed observations from real life, Vision Video swathe their songwriting with an approachable front, and keep going over life's darker shades fully aware and alert. War veteran, firefighter and paramedic, Dusty Gannon, lays bare strong signs of perceptivity and sophistication through his songwriting as Vision Video seem downright equipped for the gothic scene's major leagues.


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