Babe Punch: Glitter

Nottingham punk rock quartet, Babe Punch, follow their very strong latest single, Wildfire, from last year, with a new piece of equal dynamism, a bold message, and another example of excellent merging between gritty grunge rock and in your face punk. 

"Glitter is a song that reflects our story as a band, particularly when we started as young, teenage girls in a male dominated environment," the band describe the song's origin and aim in a statement. "Growing up in the music industry and working with producers, potential managers, sound engineers and other bands exposed us to misogyny we didn’t know existed yet – we were constantly underestimated, dismissed and mocked by men that were often twice our age. The lyrics in the pre-chorus are a response to one professional we worked with who announced to a colleague he wasn’t 'invested in us anyway', as though we weren’t there. Even at a young age, we put no stock in anyone else’s opinions and continued exactly as we were, despite many people trying to mould and browbeat us into being something else – that is what the lyrics to Glitter are about. We hope that the message of this song gives young, non-male artists the confidence to stand up for themselves and go after the things they want."

Glitter is true to both Babe Punch's defiant spirit, and the resilience of their candid rock 'n' roll, and an audacious continuation of what they've accomplished thus far.


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