Allergic To Humans f/ Cecilia Boström: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Fairly fresh from the release of their album Infinity Crunch, Swedish high energy rock 'n' rollers, Allergic To Humans, return to the studio, join forces with Cecilia Boström - singer of The Baboon Show, and release a standalone single, a rocking cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The song was originally written and first recorded in 1979 by Robert Hazard four years before Cyndi Lauper's take turned it to a mainstream major hit, and it has been covered dozens of times in the past, in many different styles and genres. Allergic To Humans consider Hazard's obscure original a favorite, and their very expressive, lively and heartfelt version takes the original composition back to its garage punk genuineness. Cecilia Boström's obvious dedication to it, is also a very strong asset to the song's suasiveness.


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