Black Pyre: Winter Solstice

For their own version of old school black metal, South Wales band, Black Pyre, cite influence from the extreme metal of Norway and Greece, and their themes are based on demonology, ice and winter. On their debut album, Winter Solstice, Black Pyre certainly deliver.

Conceptually, Black Pyre go with idealistic subjects and notions which are true and appealing to metal audiences, so they seem to be on the right path on a fundamental level. Sonically, they utilize a rawer, yet, clear style of production which feels appropriate and matching to the extreme coldness of their sound, and ultimately their black metal comes across as an honest salute to the dark classics, mostly from the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal.

The band's first full length offers both moments of intensity and enticing melodiousness, often reminding of the ferociousness of Immortal, and other times the tuneful escapades of Rotting Christ. Winter Solstice is a well balanced record, undoubtedly the band's most realized work up to this point, and highlights like Hiraeth and its wonderfully driving title track can be downright convincing.

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