Echodrone: Jaded

A little over a year after their concept album, Everything Starts to be a Reminder, shoegaze-bent alternative rock quintet, Echodrone, make the most out of their time in quarantine, and remotely put together a new full length. Resurgence will be out on March 5th, 2021 through Dome A Records, and it's introduced with the very rich and dainty first single, Jaded, together with an accompanying video.

"Written during the COVID shutdowns of 2020, our first single Jaded (and the rest of our new full length Resurgence) was a compositional exercise of intuition over intellect," the band remark. "Given the highly cerebral insanity that was happening in 2020, the songs on Resurgence were attempts to let emotion and heart guide the songwriting process, rather than our brains. It was our own emotional refuge from the chaos and ugliness around us."

Echodrone are Eugene Suh (guitars, vocals, synths, piano), Brandon Dudley (bass and associated noises), Jackie Kasbohm (vocals), Mike Funk (electronics, synths) and Andy Heyer (drums).

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