Hainbach: Schwebungssummer

Based on his evident expertise in electronic and analog equipment, Hainbach has been running a very much active and successful Youtube channel which should be a reference point for anyone who's even slightly interested in experimental music creation. Beyond that, Hainbach is also an able and prolific composer whose latest work, Schwebungssummer, makes for a thoroughly compelling listen.

"Schwebungssummer embraces anxiety and is the mad rush of adrenaline useless in a crowded subway, the joy of jerky movements in ill-lit clubs, and the inevitable disaster," the artist describes the album's pulsating title track, and his definition feels exact for the track's five-plus-minute tense entirety. The track doesn't let up, and it also puts on view Hainbach's krautrock propensity manifesting itself under an encompassing experimental perspective.

Schwebungssummer arrives together with an equally gripping video, directed and animated by Nani GutiĆ©rrez, which was shot between the two lockdowns in Fall 2020 by cinematographer Julian Moser. Referencing Ralph Bakshi’s early movies, and pulling from Freud's concept of repetition compulsion, the clip plays out like a lucid dream, depicting a recurring false awakening, followed by a headlong dive through a dark portal.

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