Tucker Theodore: Hollow f/ Midwife

Lewiston By The Sea is the fifth album by underground/avant garde musician, Tucker Theodore, out in its entirety on February 16th, 2021 through Antiquated Future Records, and featuring many prominent vocal contributions from the likes of Madeline Johnston (Midwife), Colleen Johnson (Flying Circles), Jeff Shannon (If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It) and others.

Consistent with the artist's genre defying creative approach, the new album goes through passages of experimental, psychedelic and gothic folk, as well as dark Americana, noise rock and slowcore, and it's consequently pretty tough to pinpoint. Still, the directness in Theodore's writing speaks for itself and it can be enough to engage the listener, like in the case of the beautiful Hollow, one of the tracks on which Tucker through his artful immediacy shines alongside his frequent ally, Midwife, who's also been proven a master collaborator herself.

Lewiston by the Sea began from a series of home recordings made at the start of the pandemic, done with limited means, yet, it eventually developed into one of Theodore's most completed works to date.


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