Corduroy: Gråa Dagar

Not to be confused with the nineties British acid jazz band of the same name, Swedish quartet, Corduroy, offer some very much balmy and sweet shoegaze pop, based on hooky melodies, reverberating guitars and all around excellent production.

The band have been building their early acclaim with a few strong first singles, the latest of which is the memorable Gråa Dagar (Swedish for 'Gray Days'), possibly Corduroy's most gripping effort to date; a fuzzy and dreamy shoegazer which appears on the line of the sound of acts like Westkust and Pinkshinyultrablast.

As its title suggests and despite its overall amiableness, the new track comes with a more ponderous subject matter. In the band's own words, it "captures the grey parts between the small glimpse of happiness that life can offer you. A theme that you can’t construct because all you know is how to survive in a dingy post-industrial society far away from shiny filters and long lasting joy."

Corduroy are composed of Amanda Wallin, Olle Rosén, Martin Boström and Serafim Kristjansson.

Band photo by August Wikström

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