Plaisir: Masło Z Solą

Post punk trio, Plaisir, is essentially an international endeavor. The band is based in Berlin, Germany, and it's composed of Camille Haimet from France, Carla Cixi from Italy and KC Dahlehan from Sweden, while their lyrics are in English and French. The band's new track, Masło Z Solą, which is in Polish and it translates to 'Butter With Salt', follows their recent EP, Sap, and comes ahead of their anticipated full length which is still in the making.

Lifting from archetypal post punk, shoegaze and coldwave, Plaisir emerge with a rather moody and obviously promising sound, with the extensive fuzz contradicting the dreamlike qualities of their songcraft, sparking off a notable and imaginative foray into the dark underground.

Masło Z Solą leans toward the dreamier side of Plaisir's artistry, and it compels both for its neat instrumentation which is centered on an alluring bassline, and the band's fine delivery.

"A hopeful song about agony," the band describe it. "A soundtrack to your own movie."

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