Hallan: Hands Up

For their newest single, Hands Up, which is also the introduction to their debut EP, Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor, Portsmouth-based post punk quartet, Hallan, keep up with their observational lyricism, and draw influence from the Beat Movement together with mainstream pop culture, resulting to something genuine and razor-sharp.

"Our sound changes depending on our agenda at any time, finding a different stride with every step," the band's own Conor Clements comments. "With Hands Up we found ourselves dropped into a western rerun armed with a fiercely cowboyish twang on our six string shooter. We wanted to forth a thematic, semi abstract prose, attacking businessmen and penny pinchers in a flurry of suitably delirious criticisms."

The entire EP narrates the fictional concept of the Gumshoe Boy, "an undercover operative in a satirical, parallel world where alternative music is outlawed in The State and the only legal audio consists of power-pop indie music and advertisement jingles."

Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor is expected out on July 16th, 2021 through Nice Swan Records.


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