Alicia Breton Ferrer: Having Fun

The work of Alicia Breton Ferrer has previously inscribed the world of underground indie rock through acts like The Sweet Release of Death and Neighbours Burning Neighbours. The artist has just announced a debut solo album, Headache Sorbet, introduced by the concise and intense first single, Having Fun, and its accompanying video.

A true DIY project, the new album was self-recorded at the artist's apartment at the waterfront of Rotterdam during the first lockdown in 2020.

"I started experimenting with individual sounds and from this the songwriting arose, bit by bit, recording while improvising," Ferrer explains the new album's aim and her own mindset. "Amidst the angst, anxiety, I felt, especially at the beginning of the lockdown, this way of creating and writing gave me a practical way of handling the chaos of today and a very unclear future. It brings out something new and pure; a reflection on how I am experiencing this moment, rather than how I would normally analyze or overthink it."

A charming art pop experiment, first single, Having Fun, seeks to consider and examine Alicia’s Spanish roots, and it shows a remarkable sense of genre blending attributes, unifying elements for disparate styles like flamenco folklore, dreampop and noise pop.

Consistent with the rest of the project's homemade properties, the video for the new song was created by Alicia and friends in her own home, and it includes cat Iggy, videographers Kat Kalkman and Charlene van Kasteren, and illustrator Lot van Teylingen.

Headache Sorbet releases April 23rd, 2021.


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