The Tremolo Beer Gut: Jive Jimmie Juma

Jive Jimmie Juma is another lively presentation of the garage/surf rock gravy train that is You Can’t Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut, the coming album by veteran instrumental rockers, The Tremolo Beer Gut.

The new track features the guest vocal contribution of Evan Douglas Foster of Boss Martians and The Sonics fame, and it draws its concept from a real life event.

Two years ago Evan caught sight of a mini van to get for The TBG with the intention to use it on their West Coast tour. Used car salesman Jimmie Juma sold the vehicle to another buyer one hour before the guys had the chance to snatch it for themselves, and that was when Evan yelled out something close to "That motherFUCKING jive Jimmie Juma!", to which the band’s drummer Yebo replied "… the backyard puma!"

All this time later, these words become the extra zing to the TBG's instrumental surf rock flair, and part of their next album which will be out on April 16th, 2021 through Crunchy Frog worldwide, except for the US where it releases through MuSick Recordings (Los Angeles) and No-Count Records (Seattle).

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