Unwed Sailor: Blitz

Since its return after a very long hiatus in 2019, Johnathon Ford's post rock act, Unwed Sailor, has remained notably productive, releasing one full length per year. Following 2020's traditional rock-bent, Look Alive, the band will be releasing the new album, Truth or Consequences, on May 14th, 2021 through Spartan Records.

First single, Blitz, exhibits yet another direction for the band, this time going toward a shoegaze/power pop direction, proving once more Ford's creative restlessness, and the band's chameleonic nature.

"Musical influences always sneak into Unwed Sailor records," says Johnathon Ford. "For [Truth or Consequences] those were New Order, Lindsey Buckingham, Disney Soundtracks, Alice In Chains, Phoenix, Cocteau Twins, Bedhead, John Fahey, and 80’s music."

The new album is linked up to the beautiful art of painter Abraham Mignon, created in 1670. "To me, the image represents beauty in decay," Ford comments. "A representation of the beauty of life -- warts and all."

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