Karate, Guns & Tanning: Fire

Coming from Indianapolis and Louisville, the oddly named Karate, Guns & Tanning are the result of the songwriting alliance and longtime creative partnership between Valerie Green and Paige Shedletsky who met in in Colorado in 2005 while working together at a creepy diner. The two artists kept writing together over the years through long distance collaboration, and rounded out their band with friends from the Indianapolis music scene, guitarist Joy Caroline Mills and drummer Daniel Guajardo. Their coming debut album, Concrete Beach, was recorded entirely remotely, and it's coming out on March 26th, 2021, expected to be hitting hard through its genre fusing properties, presenting a shoegaze and post punk groundwork which is being further explored with elements from new wave and dreampop sounds.

The band took their unique name from a sign above a strip mall in Plainfield, IN, but their distinctive approach isn't limited to their moniker. The first example of their sound, Fire, surfaces with a vigorous and magnetic punk rock ethos, while the fine merger of the styles they bring together seems absolutely seamless. 

Fire, whose lyrics draw inspiration from the paintings of Marc Chagall and Grotesque art, comes with a mad visual which perfectly encapsulates the music's psychedelic attributes, and was created by visual artist Andrew Knives.

Band photo by Annette Williams Photography

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