Mogwai: Ritchie Sacramento

The follow up to Mogwai's excellent Every Country's Sun from 2017 will be released on February 19th, 2021 through Temporary Residence Ltd. in the US and Canada, and Rock Action Records in Europe. As The Love Continues is the great band's tenth full length, and Ritchie Sacramento has become the second single and video unveiled off it after Dry Fantasy from last October.

Although initially praised for their atmospheric post rock instrumentals and their cinematic soundscapes, since 2001's Rock Action Mogwai have repeatedly proven that they can also be excellent at coming up with compelling vocal tracks, and at devising more traditionally structured songs. Quite more melancholic in nature, Ritchie Sacramento sounds like an equivalent to the previous album's art pop tour de force, Party In The Dark.

"Ritchie Sacramento's title came from a misunderstanding a friend of ours had about how to say Ryuichi Sakamoto," Stuart Braithwaite explains the song's background and concept. "The lyrics were inspired by a story Bob Nastanovich shared about his friend and bandmate David Berman who proclaimed 'Rise Crystal Spear' as he threw a shovel at a sports car. The song is dedicated to all the musician friends we’ve lost over the years."

Ritchie Sacramento comes with a captivating, fantasy-themed animated video created by director Sam Wiehl.

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